Green Delivery

ACS Express utilizes technology and old fashioned pedal power to provide businesses with the most environmentally friendly courier service Edmonton has to offer.

Each year ACS Express deliveres approximately 160,000 packages without using paper waybills. Over 90% of our invoicing is done electronically. These measures alone saves approximately 24 trees (

Much of our vehicle fleet meets the stringent SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) standards. Our Toyota Prius hybrids are gas sipping, super environmentally friendly courier cars.

Pedal power; Back in 1988, ACS started as a one bike show with our founder, Pete Zablotny pedaling his way through downtown Edmonton making deliveries and spreading the word about a different kind of courier service. Way back then we coined the phrase “smog-free deliveries” and today, ACS Express has grown to Edmonton’s largest fleet of bike couriers. In keeping with our roots, every bike-able package that we deliver in the downtown area is done completely Co2 and emissions free. Now that’s Green Courier Service!

We save trees Vehicle

At ACS Express, we feel it is our corporate duty to be as green a company as we can be. We want to set a good example for our peers and to help our clients in their quest in becoming a more environmentally responsible business.

Our efforts can help your business to reduce it’s carbon footprint!

At ACS, it’s all systems go and all systems green.

How may we help your business become a greener company?

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