Edmonton deliveries

ACS Express specializes in time sensitive Edmonton deliveries.


Regular – 90 minutes

Rush – 45 minutes

Direct – 30 minutes

Point to Point – 15 minutes


Regular – 4 hours or less

Rush – 2 hours or less

Direct – 1.5 hours or less

Point to Point – 1 hour or less

For surrounding areas please add 60 minutes to all delivery times.

From on-demand services to regularly scheduled time calls and dedicated runs, ACS has the experience, technology, vehicles and professionally trained staff to help your business run on time and to save you money.

Our extensive experience has assisted all levels of Government as well as high profile private enterprise to ship their documents with confidence.

For nearly 35 years, ACS has successfully provided exceptional Edmonton courier deliveries at a fair and reasonable price.

-On demand services and scheduled daily, weekly or monthly services

-Bank deposits.

-Cheque certification/Bank Drafts

-Courthouse filing/searches

-One way as well as return and 3rd party shipping.

-Warehousing/Heated Storage facilities

-Out of town client’s emailed files printed, enveloped and delivered in Edmonton.

-Our bike couriers and smaller/hybrid vehicles are easy on the environment.

-Our mini vans and full sized delivery vans can handle larger items/multiple boxes.

-Our cube van can hold two skids totaling 4000 Lbs, is fully enclosed and we provide an even better rate if the pickup and drop off locations have forklift load and unload capability (you are saving us time, so we will save you money)

-Larger vehicles available for 2000lb + pallets and oversized items

ACS Express has a level of service, the right vehicle, and cost schedule that will work for you, whether your client needs it tomorrow, today or within the hour.

Call us for a quote on your larger items/orders/pallets, warehousing requirements etc.


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